Layopi Games is a new video game studio in Warsaw.
We are working on "Devil's Hunt" - an action adventure game for PC, PS4, XBOX ONE.

Our target is to deliver outstanding games with high-end graphic and sound design, innovative gameplay
solutions, unprecedented storyline. All this guarantees an addictive story and unique experience.


Layopi Games is a new company located in Warsaw, currently working on its first title(TPP) for PC and consoles.
We are young and ambitious team of game enthusiasts who joined forces with industry veterans.

To apply, please send a resume and a link to your portfolio.

Gameplay Programmer UE4

Responsibilities: Collaborating with designers to design and prototype game mechanics. Throw out the ideas that don't work, and polish the heck out of the ones that do.

Requirements: 2+ years experience in GameDev. At least one shipped title. Good UE4 knowledge.C++ and Blueprints proficiency.
Experience in one or more of the following elements:AI, animation, camera, cutscene implementation, combat, items, locomotion, physics, progression, spawning, and UI. Not afraid of taking nebulous requests sometimes, fishing out software requirements, building a plan, and sharing your progress. Capable of working in a team environment.

Pluses: Shipped title on Consoles.

Level Designer

Responsibilities: Bring levels through every phase of development from concept to polish. Collaborate with all disciplines on the game team to ensure that levels maintain a high quality. Communicate your own designs and ideas to the rest of the team. Participate in feedback of other design work.

Requirements: 2+ years experience as a Level Designer. At least one shipped title. Good knowledge of blueprints(UE4).

Pluses: Shipped title on console. Experience with software such as Blender, Maya, Sketchup or ZBrush.

UE4 Technical Artist

Responsibilities: Being Unreal Engine guru - technically mentoring the whole team of artists and level designers. Solving technical and pipeline issues. Verifying that game assets coincide with technical requirements. Managing various aspects of the game performance(assets, levels and blueprints). Optimization for Consoles and PC. Creating complex materials for characters, assets and FX?s. Managing the project files structure. Creating simple graphics assets. Identify areas for continuous improvement.

Requirements: Perfect knowledge of technical aspects of UE4. At least one shipped title on consoles(PS4, XBOXONE). Previous work as a technical artist, gameplay programmer or relevant. Self-driven, responsible, organized, and detail-oriented.

Pluses: Creating fast blueprint prototypes. Familiar with creating import/export tools and/or plug-ins. Experience and knowledge in Maya, Substance, Houdini.

3D Animator

Responsibilities: Develop, maintain and create animations for real time game characters. Assist designers and programmers with gameplay prototypes. Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques and reviews.

Requirements: 1+ year experience in character animation for games. High skill in creating characters animations. Excellent skills in working with Autodesk Maya preferred. Understanding of workflow of getting animations into game. Previous experience with motion capture. Rigging experience (or a strong desire to rig). Good communication skills and teamwork.

Pluses: UE4 experience and MEL scripting. Previous experience with facial animation and lip syncing. Experience with in-game cutscene pipeline.

Lighting Artist

Responsibilities: Creating both the exterior and interior lighting within environments and cut scenes. Post processing; color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc. Prototyping the use of lighting technology to reach the visual targets defined by the art direction. Contributing to the development and placement of special effects related to lighting and atmosphere, such as light flares, fog, god rays and camera optics. Placing and adjustment of light sources within the environment.

Requirements: Skilled at balancing visual quality considering performance requirements. 2+ years experience as a Lighting Artist/Level Artist/Graphic Artist. Basic understanding of level design and game mechanics. Previous experience in level lighting in UE4. At least one shipped title.

Pluses: Experience with software such as Blender, Maya, Sketchup or ZBrush. Technical knowledge of UE4. Shipped title on console.

We offer:

Very good salary - depending on skill level and experience.
Real influence on various aspects of the game - the game is being made by the whole team - your opinion counts!
Challenging project - TPP with lots of combat and cutscenes!
Friendly team and work environment.
Location near Metro Wilanowska.
Core hours 11-16.

Our goal is to create outstanding games, while still having fun!

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WARSAW, Plac Ireneusza Gugulskiego 1